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About Kindle Vella

I have three books started on Kindle Vella: Their Promised, Country Dreams, and Christmas List. I hope you’ll give them a try!
If you haven’t read on Kindle Vella yet, here are a few things to know:
Kindle Vella is a serialized story program through Amazon. Authors can add episodes to Vella as they write them and then mark the book/story “complete” once it is. Until then it will show as “ongoing”.
  1. The first three episodes of every story are FREE to read so you can decide if you like it before using any tokens.
  2. Amazon is currently giving those new to Kindle Vella 200 FREE tokens to get you started. (Just look at the top right of the Kindle Vella page and you’ll see “Free Tokens”. Click on that and a pop up will appear that allows you to claim your free tokens.
  3. Kindle Vella is only available in the U.S. at this time. Keep checking, though. Hopefully, it will open up to the rest of the world soon. 

If you’re enjoying the story, please remember:

  • Give each episode a thumbs up. 👍
  • Click “next episode” to read more of the story.
  • Click the “follow” button so you’ll get a notice when new episodes have been uploaded.
  • Leave a review. (Reviews are the way to an author’s heart!) ❤️
  • After you purchase tokens, you’ll earn the ability to leave one “fave” each week for your favorite story when you unlock an episode. This really helps an author out and they get a crown👑 on the top of their image to let others know it’s a favorite. (Really big way to a Vella author’s heart.) I hope you’ll consider one of my Vella stories for your weekly fave. 😍
You can find out more about Kindle Vella on Amazon.