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Country Dreams by Zoe McKay. I was born with a mouth I can't control...

I was born with a mouth I can’t control…

♦️Slow-burn, medium heat</br>
♦️WhyChoose contemporary western romance </br>
♦️Friends to lovers</br>
♦️3 hot cowboys</br>
♦️Small-town romance</br>
♦️Country Singer</br>
♦️2 legged snakes causing mischief on the ranch</br>

I’d always planned on taking over my father’s ranch. I just didn’t plan on it being this soon. When he becomes ill, I have no choice but to go all-in with the help from Luke, my always reliable best friend; Wyatt, the new foreman who wants nothing to do with me and what he calls my smart mouth; and Jeremy, the flirtatious ranch hand. Three men. All so very different. And each has my heart stampeding in his own way. 

When two-legged vultures wearing business suits begin circling trying to take over the ranch, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure my father’s legacy remains intact. Even if it means, I have to give up my own dreams.

Country Dreams is the first book in a slow-burn, medium-heat why choose contemporary western series where Abby won’t have to choose between her love interests. 

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Author: Zoe McKay
Publisher: Killer Ink Press
Copyright: ©2022
Cover Artist: Francessca Wingfield (Website)
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance, New Adult, Why Choose Romance (formerly Reverse Harem), Romantic Suspense
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Reverse Harem, Why Choose, Zoe McKay, Friends to Lovers, Small town, Suspense


Chapter 1


“Abby’s got one more song for you tonight! Are you ready?” My best friend Luke bellowed from the front of the stage. He took his hat off and ran a hand through his messy strawberry blond hair. “Whew! It’s hot in here! Or maybe that’s just Abby!” He winked one of his beautiful green eyes at me and my cheeks flamed. 


Just part of the show, Abs. He doesn’t mean it. I reminded myself for the fifth time in two hours. Why did my best friend have to be so gorgeous?


The crowd in the small bar cheered and whistled, hands clapping and boots stomping against the hardwood flooring. The smell of beer and whiskey permeated the air.


“Hell, yeah!” and “Sing it, Abby!” came from the audience.


The bright lights prevented me from seeing individual faces, but I could tell everyone was on their feet with arms raised. 


“All right then! This is a new one that Abby just finished last week!”


The crowd roared to life again as the upbeat country music sprang from the speakers.


I set my guitar down, leaning it against a stool, and pulled the mic from its stand. 


My arms raised over my head and I brought my hands together a few times, getting those gathered in front of the stage, clapping to the beat. 


I’m a country girl.

Got my boots on.

Got my hat.

Ain’t no country boy can do it better than me.


I continued to sing and dance as I watched a shadowy form slip through the throng of people. The bar had a three-hundred person capacity, and it looked like the quota had been met. The figure morphed into the bar owner when he stepped up on the stage at the far end and pulled Maverick aside. He leaned in to speak in the other man’s ear. My guitarist’s shocked gaze flew to my face...


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