Zoe McKay

Zoe McKay. Romance Author. Hearts on Fire. Romance Author. Two hearts entwined and on fire.


Contemporary Western Reverse Harem.


Country Dreams by Zoe McKay. Image shows . A female leg bent at the knee with the bottom of her western boot resting against a haystack.


I was born with a mouth I can't control...

♦️Slow-burn, medium heat
♦️WhyChoose contemporary western romance
♦️Friends to lovers
♦️3 hot cowboys
♦️Small-town romance
♦️Country Singer
♦️2 legged snakes causing mischief on the ranch
I'd always planned on taking over my father's ranch. I just didn't plan on it being this soon. When he becomes ill, I have no choice but to go all-in with the help from Luke, my always reliable best friend; Wyatt, the new foreman who wants nothing to do with me and what he calls my smart mouth; and Jeremy, the flirtatious ranch hand. Three men. All so very different. And each has my heart stampeding in his own way.